Top 6 Weed Varieties on this planet

Royal Gorilla


Royal Gorilla is the strain taking THC levels into uncharted territory with some phenotypes reaching 30%+. This potent strain is the result of dumb luck rather than dedicated breeding, but make no mistake, the finished product is Kong strong. The accidental crossing of Chems Sis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel genetics has unleashed a true cannabis cryptid far more powerful than previously known varieties. Even veteran stoners have been jellified within tokes.

Fat Banana


Fat Banana is a deliciously dank hybrid of badass US West Coast Banana OG specimens. Mouth-watering, sweet, fruity nugs packing up to 25% THC or more are a decadent delight for the Kush connoisseur. A creeping couch-lock can and probably will take you by surprise. Suddenly, you will become one with the sofa. Fat Banana is dessert cannabis for those seeking a heavy indica with a unique flavour and knockout power.

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Oooohh that smell, the smell of dank is around you. Purple Queen is a loud, lovely lady. This monarch is definitely no wallflower. Vibrant violet and lush lavender tones develop in both flowers and foliage. Pungent earthy, hash, and citrus scents will perfume the air. Purple Queen is a pedigree cross of rare mountain Kush varieties from the Hindu Kush region. Her pure indica lineage endows her with a powerful, near-narcotic sedative effect. As you would expect, THC levels can touch 25%, and a trip to Dreamland is virtually guaranteed.

Amnesia Haze


An uplifting, cerebral sativa that kicks-in right away; it’s gotta be Amnesia Haze. This legendary high-flier’s favourite is the queen of head stash. Dense, long-running colas, spicy musk aromas, and a tropical citrus flavour are worth waiting for. Flowering can take up to 12 weeks as Amnesia Haze is a complex blend of exotic sativas. Original Haze, Southeast Asian, and Jamaican genetics all contribute to this uber-potent cannabis cocktail. THC levels routinely exceed 20%. Rather than a creative buzz, a trippy euphoric experience is to be expected. Feel-good weed.

Royal Cookies Automatic


Drag race to a dank harvest in 8-10 weeks total crop time with Royal Gorilla Automatic. This strain is a maximum-THC mix of Royal Cookies, Royal Gorilla, and ruderalis genetics. Her cultivation stats read like every grower’s wish list. Boasting tremendous hybrid vigour, XL yield potential, and up to 20% THC, a combined head-body effect will keep you grinning and giggling from the couch. Be prepared to be very stoned for quite a while.

Amnesia Haze Automatic


Amnesia Haze Automatic is a high-performance, sativa-leaning autoflower. Retaining the hallmark cerebral effects of the original and greatly reduced total crop time thanks to the inclusion of ruderalis genetics, this fully automatic ammo is a .50 caliber hybrid packing 18% THC into a 10-12 week lifecycle. Plants are more compact and resilient than her photoperiodic parent. Amnesia Haze Automatic is more forgiving to the beginner grower while still alluring to the connoisseur.